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by Matt (kanibaru_jester)
at September 3rd, 2006 (03:55 pm)

Ok..so i have two new things and if you want them reupped in sendspace i am willing to do it.

Juliadoll - Departure
Songs - From the End
Baby and Butterfly

Most of you peoples probably have this already from Yamipandora. But i got it from her and its really really good in my opinion. I think its a definate try. Its pretty heavy but the lead singer can produce ballads to.

Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD - Ifukyo
Songs - Gu Hasu
Yuiitsu Ka

NoGoD is becoming my favorite band so far. This little single i find very good. The lead singer can scream very well and can produce ballads very well. The songs to me are catchy and i love them. I also have the Mini/Maxi single/album if u would like. I might add it into this rotation later.

Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD - Tenbatsu Enban
Songs - Introduction
Shuukyou Ongaku
Strawberry Night
Kimi ni Okuru Bukiyou de Migattena Shi
Bonus Track

More NoGoD very very gooooood and i love it.

Cuartet - Deep Bounds of Ogre
Songs - Ogre

Cuartet. I love this album. The first song is just crazy, it is the reason why i love this band so much. Definately give this a try.

Gullet - Hide & Sick
Songs - Counting Song
A Withered Flower

Pool is my favorite song on this single. I still love how he can create a sad song and make it sound visual but great with A Withered Flower. Disbanded bands always put out the best stuff.

Jadoll - Kuro Ban
Songs - Yakou
Ikiru Yueni Sute Ta Shinshin

Jadoll... has a very unique style that i have to admit i like a lot. But its heavy and fun to listen to. I don't really know how to describe them all that well other then there great.

Deathgaze - 294036224052
Songs - Yami Ni Ame Fukaishita sekai
Dies Irae
The Fist

If you don't own this from Deathgaze grab it now!. I think 294036224052 is an awesome song. There style sounds like lynch. Mostly because Deathgaze's vocalist Hazuki left to go make his own band lynch. While Deathgaze picked up a new vocalist Sou, who they are with currently.

Mudgett - Complex
Songs - Rage

I would have to say this band would have been absolute favorite. This band is CRAZY. How he puts the vocals is very unique not to mention the base is awesome. The guitar in Time is really good aswell. But... sadly they only
produced this then disbanded.

Phobia - BIN Dume no GROTESQUE na RIDLER

I love this single by Phobia. Its pretty much my favorite song other then
Dirty People on there Material of Utopia Album. I love this band for his
voice. His voice is all weird witchy like. If you haven't heard Phobia before its your time to try now.

Joker - Edzuke [Edsuke]
Songs - edzuke ondo
ao no syunka (ao no haru uta?)
oidon ha yaru toki yarimasu.kanzen renai hisshou hou
Kyuuketsu MYSTERY shousetsu

What can i say, I LOVE THIS BAND. The vocalist is now in SCREW and... well i think JOKER was doing better >.> but a disbanded band is a disbanded band. I mostly love the vocals and the happy feel even tho he screams.

OKKK.. i am done for now. Next week i'll do some other stuff thats fun. Btw i did this all while my grandparents were gone ^^.

Have a good week,

I know.... bad host bad...
by Matt (kanibaru_jester)
at August 25th, 2006 (05:12 pm)

OK... well i haven't gotten around to anything lately...

My Grandparents decided to come up.. and so i'm at a lack of finding all of my jrock and or uploading it. I think i will just put up my playlist one day and just let you guys... go and request what u would like. But..it would be a lot of stress on my computer and my PC. "hint hint" kanibaru...partner in crime.. (request something). N e ways .. i have some weird news. Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, and 12012 have left undercode. I don't understand what there doing... but i hope they keep making albums.

N e ways.. when my grandparents leave i will make it my goal to try and have a jrock rotation every week.

Thanx, bye for now.

Autumn [userpic]
by Autumn (kanibaru_doru)
at August 20th, 2006 (10:43 pm)

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What's In My Ear: Anezka Theme ~ Vampire The Masquerde OST

Well it took ALOT longer than i wished, but my computer had several problems with it. Including my IE not working AT ALL. Well its cleaned know, and here i some starter music. Gomen!

Rapheal ~ Mind Soap
Synagogue Zensoukyoku-(1:28minutes/1.69mb/160kbps)
Sayokyoku ~Hisou~ -(3:32minutes/3.24mb/160kbps)
Hana ga Saku Inochi aru Kagiri-(5:23minutes/4.93mb/160kbps)
Peter Pan Shoukougun-(5:17minues/4.84mb/160kbps)
Hakkuruberii no Koi(2:53minutes/3.31mb/160kbps)
eternal wish ~Todokanu kimi e~-(5:18minutes/6.08mb/160kbps)
Holy mission-(4:06minutes/4.52mb/160kbps)
Ginyuushi no Namida-(5:00minutes/5.73mb/160kbps)
Boku to 'Boku'-(4:21minutes/3.99mb/160kbps)

Aya Matsuura ~ Ki Ga Tsukeba Anata
Ki Ga Tsukeba Anata-(4:33minutes/6.26mb/192kbps)
Yuujou~jou Karubo~ -(3:34minutes/4.91mb/192kbps)
Ki Ga Tsukeba Anata *Instrumental* -(4:31minutes/6.21mb/192kbps)

Schwarz Stein ~ Artificial Hallucination
Addictive Epicurean
Profane gene

The Alternation of Generations
Emergence of silence
Perfect Garden
Corroded Cage
Last Hallucination

Wizard ~ Valentine
Suna no Shibun

Alice Nine ~ Fantasy type A

Sweater ~ No.7
O2jam Soundtrack ~ I Love Dance

Sinlent Hill ~ Room of Angel

Happy Lesson ~ Telescope
Happy Lesson ~ Yume No Miyako Tokyo Life

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by Autumn (kanibaru_doru)
at August 6th, 2006 (11:46 pm)

current location: On my bed
What i'm feeling: tired
What's In My Ear: Comedy Inc. On TV

Sorry for the neglegence but I have been so terribly busy. Im in the process of uploading everything, so expect music soon XD

Autumn [userpic]
by Autumn (kanibaru_doru)
at July 1st, 2006 (11:38 am)
current location: cafe

THREE days till im home and a new HUGE rotation will be up. MUAHAHAHA!!

Autumn [userpic]
Oh god!!!!
by Autumn (kanibaru_doru)
at June 8th, 2006 (03:27 pm)

current location: A Thunderbay Cafe'. I miss home
What i'm feeling: geeky

Im sorry for not upping anything! Im still in the hosptial I'll be back as soon as possible^_^. Wish me luck! I need it!

by Matt (kanibaru_jester)
at May 10th, 2006 (11:12 pm)

Here is some more things that i uploaded ^^ it is random new things but they are really good!

Rentre en Soi - Karasu Iro no Taji


Track List

1. Karasu Iro no Taji
2. PROTOPLASM (re-mix)
3. 2006225

The newest single from Rentre en Soi. I definately love this single. If you don't have it already take it ^^ because me being a heavy visual kei er i actually love this band!.

Sel'm - Anthology


Tack List

1. choushou no tsuki
2. Lament
3. waga, kono saihate de

Ex vocalist of Girugamesh give them a try there pretty much brand new and very good!.

Sadie - The Trend Killer


1. Enter the Killing
2. under the chaos
4. meranchoria

FIRST MAXI BY SADIE. I've been listening to this all day if you haven't grabbed it yet definately take it please its great. but now i have to go to bed.... comments are welcome ^^ and appreciated lots.

GAHH sorry
by Matt (kanibaru_jester)
at May 9th, 2006 (11:14 pm)

Ahh i'm very sorry that i've been busy. Really busy i will now try to keep this going and try to keep up the jrock love. Here is a bit to make up for the time i've missed... i will try to up everything i have one of these days... but until then i'll do it in pieces.. so please bare with me.

MADARA - Kikaishisei


Track List

1. re;pent
2. hyouryuusha
3. Forget me not
4. Dance night
5. EXE
6. yume no yume (re-recorded)

MADARA is a band that i personally like. They are Visual Kei but not to the extreme. The vocalist has a unique voice that adds a lot to the band. Give them a try i don't think you will be very dissapointed.

Siva - Shita no Koku


Track List

1. ...spacial art
2. Riot
3. ...MANIAC.W.L

Plus there first track ever put out


Siva - Beautiful Drug

Brand new band that i love. They are Goth but yet with there own style. You could say there somewhat visual but they just sound great. I definately want you to take.



Track List

1. Gaitô - cry for the moon-
2. Aishû no cream shedar
3. Tokage to pistol
4. 1 or 8 de butterfly

For all of the Moll'e node fans here is one of there mini's. This is my favorite, and the one that i listen to the most. For all of you that don't know them... they are the cute visual heavy band (cute meaning there lyrics). Also another must take if you haven't heard this band.

Kagerou - Sakebi


Tack List

1. Sakebi
2. Kichiku MORALISM

A very very good single by Kagerou. Kagerou is probably one of my favorite bands because of Daisuke and his voice (which is raw and very nice). I think there new stuff isn't the same but none the less i love this single. If you don't have it and if you love Kagerou then you must take it.

D - Paradox


Tack List

1. Face
2. Night|ship gDh
3. Angelic Blue
4. Hanamadoi
5. Pride

Most of you probably have this single... but i think its great. Asagi has such a cool voice. If you don't own this awesome new mini from D you must. They are an awesome band. Also check out Syndrome which is Asagi's ex band. Its also very good.

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by Autumn (kanibaru_doru)
at April 29th, 2006 (11:05 pm)

Gilgamesh ~ Uso êêêêê

Molle'node ~ Gaitou ~ Cry For The Moon

Ibata Juri ~ Flower Psychedelic

Schellen ~ Kowareta omocha (Sarii)

Mask ~ Live is my Life

VulgaRize ~ Escape for Die

Aikaryu ~ Humanoid

Autumn [userpic]
by Autumn (kanibaru_doru)
at April 28th, 2006 (09:22 pm)
current location: In front of muh P.c
What's In My Ear: none .. surprise!

Im Back!!! I have been err .. away. Ill be regularly updating every Saturday I do think, sorry for being a bad maintainer. T^T Still love me